mixed jasperslabs 
I just happened to put in a picture of mixed jasper slabs, but this site will have other finished  slabs from agate, red jasper, petrified wood, obsidian and tumbled material as well.

Finished Agates and Geode slabs (needs work)
Finished slabs –(needs work)
Obsidian slabs (duplicate site)
Other finished slabs
Petrified wood slabs

Tumbled Material (fix)
Mixed rocks

Finished material for sale.  Most will be 3.00 a lb. unless otherwise mentioned. The best shipping would be flat rate boxes which can easily hold 15 pounds. These will cost 12.95 and 15.95 for the largest flat rate box. All rock orders can be combined and shipped with the flat rate box rate. I will always adjust the shipping rate to that end.

$5.95 will buy you a Priority rate box in which the rock or rocks must be less than a pound as packaging material and the box will add to the weight. 5.95 will also allow for shipping of rock or slab material that can fit into a small flat rate box and the dimension to be concerned about is the 1 and 1/2 inch height. Most of my rocks will NOT fit into that, but tumbled material and slabs certainly would. Two or three slabs will fit into that box.