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This Moclips rock belongs to a friend of his and he certainly is not parting with it. One reason being it weighs some 60 lbs. or more. I am still editing this site So some items may yet appear or disappear. The index below gives some indication of what you will be lead to..

Knife Scales (needs work)
Stands and Paperweights
Unknown and Other

DIS and DAT – Not Rock Related


Bullseye Agate, from Goldfield Nevada is more Chert and Rhyolite and has a little bit of a kaolin look to it. Freshly collected material or at the bottom of the pile material tends to be more yellow unless oxidized or given some heat treatment These rough stones have some fractures but they cut into nice slabs for cabochon work. $3.00 lb.


HOWLITE Nodule- These were collected from Ticks Canyon, CA. Howlite is usually dyed because white Howlite receives very little attention and most people think it is boring. However, when dyed it catches people’s eyes. Hence the name “Turquoise Imposter.” Cut with a face it makes an interesting book weight. $3.00 lb. Now only available 2 lbs. and up.[


Turtle rock. The matrix is sandstone or mudstone and takes a polish better than one would expect. The spots are a type of feldspar. The two different materials polish differently. These “stone turtles” evolved from the northern shores of the Olympic Peninsula. Even with polishing there is an inherent matte finish to these stones but covering them with a lacquer finish works quite nicely. If cabochoned they make surprisingly nice jewelry. $3.00 lb.t.

mixed rocks200

You can pick any mixture of the above or just take ten pounds of any one group.Petrified Wood, Turtle Rock, Obsidian, Agates or Howelite.They will ship in a medium flat rate box for $12.95 Let me know what size rocks you are interested in.


Snakeskin Agate
I have a small amount of Snakeskin Agate mineral specimen. These rare specimens are from Oregon. Snakeskin agate of this quality is rare and is a great display specimen. The specimen measures approximately 2″ x 1.5″ x 1″. The price is $12.00 a lb. Generally 3 such stones would be a lb. and will ship for 5.95.


Just for fun. I had to throw this strange duck into the grab bag. I have been having stomach problems and I wrote a friend that it passed when I finally eliminated this stool. I always knew I should be wearing a dust mask when cutting or polishing rocks. The rock is about 3 inches by 2.5 and is well behaved. Locally collected – $5.00.

Other Rocks for sale. Most will be 3.00 a lb. unless otherwise mentioned. The best shipping would be flat rate boxes which can easily hold 15 pounds. These will cost 12.95 and 15.95 for the largest flat rate box. All rock orders can be combined and shipped with the flat rate box rate. I will always adjust the shipping rate to that end.

$5.95 will buy you a Priority rate box in which the rock or rocks must be less than a pound as packaging material and the box will add to the weight. 5.95 will also allow for shipping of rock or slab material that can fit into a small flat rate box and the dimension to be concerned about is the 1 and 1/2 inch height. Most of my rocks will NOT fit into that, but tumbled material and slabs certainly would. Two or three slabs will fit into that box.