Rough Geodes

Please read the shipping alternatives at the bottom!

 This page will feature Geodes and Thunder eggs.
Pricing will follow as I weigh them again.


I have a fair amount of uncut geodes. The price is $3.00 a lb for uncut geodes. Depending on the size 1 or two such stones would be a lb. and will be shipped for 5.95 

geode 001
 I may only have a few of these large rocks left.  You are bidding on a 1.5 lb.  specimen Because of the size it will be 7.95. and I need to add shipping for a medium flat rate box. (12.95) 

This like all purchases will have the shipping charge credited if you buy more items. Six of these could go inside that box!

You  are looking at a large Thunder eggs/ Geodes/ Nodules. It is 3 inches across. The weight for this is 1.5 pounds. If you have any questions or need more pictures, please e-mail me.

Obviously the rough Geodes will be full and some may be solid thunder eggs. The first picture is most representative of what you will find as they came from Richardson’s Ranch in Oregon and generally are solid. What you will be getting will mostly be smaller Geodes about 2 inches to 2.5 inches. Two such rocks equal a lb. and none of these will fit into a small flat rate box. (5.95)

If you have multiple items you are bidding on please do not pay for anything until you are finished, then let me know your ready and I can send you a single invoice with a combined shipping fee!  Should your purchases need larger box I will always work to get you the best PRIORITY shipping fee!

All rocks can be combined into flat rate boxes and so can multiple slabs. They cannot however be combined! (Rocks with Slabs) As the rock is heavy This individual sale will need to go into a small sized flat rate box. Combining it with other sales would be the better plan

 This is a large Thunder egg with quartz crystals and a lot of agate.

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