Petrified Wood

This is just a beginning page of some rough petrified wood I have for sale. Other pictures will be added soon.

 Petrified Wood
I have a large collection of Oregon or Washington collected material. As the picture shows they range from 15 pounds to about 1 lb. Some smaller pieces for the rock id tray are also available. I am presently cutting one large slab
Price will be 4.00 a lb. Let me know what you are interested in. All rocks can be combined! The cart price is for slightly less than 1 lb. and a small flat rate box rate..

A full ten pounds will be 39.95 and 12.95 for shipping

20 pounds of rock will be 69.95 with a 15.95 shipping charge.

 A five lb. Suiseki in the making
 The five lb. specimen is wonderfully formed and bottom slabbed and would make a great Suiseki. Cliff cleft and all. It measures 4x5x6 inches high. The price is $55.95 and it could be cut into 8 or 10 slabs. The color would be grey, brown and more. Some druzi in it as well.

 Two near finished cabachons
 The two cabs could use a bit more polishing and are 6.95 ea.  The cart shows a price for both and z 5.95 shipping chzrge. They are listed under the finished slabs page. Sadly both were recently stolen. So they just indicate potential. Most will be listed and pictures under tumbled rocks.

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