Rough Agates

Please read the shipping alternatives at the bottom! The shipping carts will reflect the minimum charge and will be added to the check out. These charges can and will be edited if you buy multiple items to fit into a medium of large flat rate box. AT-WORKArrowRt Smaller rocks will be listed on the next page
Most hot to trot would be FIRE AGATE!

So do our imaginations leap when carrying loaded buckets of raw material of chalcedony.. Most of us look for fire, but hey. just grabbing the chalcedony is cool.
I figure that 10 out of 100 pieces have color and one out of those ten have fire and most of those are so small one leaves them behind. The following pictures are more realistic of what one can find or buy — rough!

The first picture is a very poor photograph representation (Will update both) of the wonderful Chalcedony formations often mixed with quartz, druzi or calcite crystals. MANY small fire agate inclusions, but simply scrumptious as a standing specimen.11.95 

  The second picture shows what you might receive from buying raw material. The lower right side shows some centimeters of material and when cut out (HARD to do) you get very little to work with. The picture has been scrunched to fit the page layout. About 3.5 cm by 1.5 cm. of fire agate. $6.95

Therefore the price for finished material. These two mug shots came from Slaughter Mountain AZ. Both are over a lb. in weight so would need to be shipped in a medium flat rate box or with a mail rate of at least $7.00. Please note that six to eight such rocks could fit into a medium flat rate box for 12.95. I could also cut off the small piece and send it a a far cheaper rate, but I have other such pieces and thought this would be a good specimen for discussion.

Snakeskin Agate

I have a small amount of Snakeskin Agate mineral specimens. These rare specimens are from Oregon. Snakeskin agate of this quality are rare and they are a great display specimen. This specimen measures approximately 2″ x 1.5″ x 1″.The price is $7.95 for slightly less than a lb. Shipping is 5.95.


Generally 5 such stones would be a lb. and will be shipped for 5.95 in a small flat rate box. These would Have To Be less than 1.5″ tall. Larger stones would have to be shipped in the medium sized flat rate box. Sizes up to 3″ are available.[/su_column]

The white specimen measures approximately 2″ x 1.5″ x 1″. The price is $7.95 a lb. Generally 5 such stones would be a lb. and will be shipped for 5.95 in a small flat rate box. These would Have To Be less than 1.5″ tall. Larger stones would have to be shipped in the medium sized flat rate box. Sizes up to 3″ are available.


This picture is of Montana Moss Agates and that grouping is about 5 lbs. Some very old Montana Moss Agate nodules from the Yellowstone River area of Montana. The  grouping for sale weighs some five pounds, and would be some 50.00. Shipping would be medium flat rate box and is reflected in the checkout price.

I would start with ONE POUND of material could be shipped in a small flat rate box for $5.95. Otherwise you could combine these with other purchases and go with the 12.95 medium flat rate option. The Montana Moss Agates are $7.95 a lb. (about four stones) 

 The last picture is a sample of Botryoidal agates. Try spelling that quickly! What is Botryoidal? Simply defined, it means shaped like a bunch of grapes. Used especially to describe mineral formations but can also be used to describe some humans. Some of these could also be described as “tube formation” agates. Most of those pictured would be 4 oz. in weight and would sell for 3.95 ea. ship for 4.00 dollars.

If you purchase multiple items, please ask for an invoice before you pay. I always combine shipping for the cheapest price to you. The medium and large flat rate boxes are the best way to go. 12.95 and 17.95. The large box could hold 20 lbs. of mixed rocks.

THANK YOU for visiting!

If you have multiple items you are bidding on please do not pay for anything until you are finished, then let me know your ready and I can send you a single invoice with a combined and credited shipping fee!  Should your purchases need larger box I will always work to get you the best PRIORITY shipping fee!

All rocks can be combined into flat rate boxes and so can multiple slabs. They cannot however be combined! (Rocks with Slabs) As the rock is heavy This individual sale will need to go into a small sized flat rate box. Combining it with other sales would be the better plan.


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