Mixed Rocks

Please read the shipping alternatives at the bottom!

Rare specimen of lead ore or pyrite that probably has some silver or gold mixed in.   SOLD  I still have 1 remaining small slab and a small end piece that would be 4.00 and 4.10 shipping.  

Rare specimen of Rhodonite, can be cut into many slabs This rock is over four pounds! Rhodonite is a attractive mineral that can range from pink to rose-red or brownish red. It is very heavy because of the manganese inclusions. When cut it can make beautiful cabs, but this could also be made into a small sphere ball. Price is 15.95. (The cart will however  include a creditable shipping charge of 12.95.)
  Weight is some 4.25 lb. This could make several nice sized slabs. Pictures are shown wet.

 HOWLITE Nodule- Turquoise Impostor sold as a one pound rock. Most are larger. I may only have a few 1 lb. rocks left. Most are much larger. You are bidding on  2 lb. (or a 3 lb) specimen. Both would go into a medium size flat rate box. or in a combination, with shipping credit given.

HOWLITE Nodule-Turquoise Impostor Soft white bumpy aggregations. Scratches with Obsidian (glass)  but not with a copper penny. Mohs 5? This Howlite was was collected on the West coast, most likely Ticks Canyon, CA. Howlite is usually dyed because white Howlite receives very little attention in the marketplace. Most people think that it is boring. However, when it is dyed to a brilliant or pastel blue, green, red, yellow or purple it catches people’s eyes. Hence the name “Turquoise Imposter.”

Cut, with a face on the bottom it makes an interesting book weight. Sliced into cabs they make an interesting item.  I have some sliced and may list some under slabs or include them in mixed  SLABS. Each 1 lb. rock is 3.00 (The cart will however include a creditable shipping charge of 5.95.

  2 lbs. Howlite 
3 lbs. Howelite.

I may be able to cut some into 1.5 ” slabs and ship  in a 5.95 small flat rate box, but you will have to pay more for the cutting. That price would be for LESS than a lb.of rock. 5.00 and 5.95 for shipping. 

less than a pound!

Bullseye Agate, from Goldfield Nevada. Your are bidding on one rock 1 lb. or slightly less.

I may only have a few 1 lb. rocks left. Most are much larger You are bidding on a 1 lb. (or slightly less) specimen. Bullseye Agate, from Goldfield  Nevada it actually is more Chert and Rhyolite and has a little bit of a kaolin look to it.  One large rock (at least 10 pounds) would make great slabs. One usage I had not thought of was for knife blade handles. This would be an incredible stone for that purpose. I would apply a resin to seal  and if there are flaws they can be sealed by Zap-a Dap. The price is 2.95. (The cart will however include a creditable shipping charge of 5.95.)

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mixed rocks.

TEN POUNDS OF MIXED ROCKS OR TEN POUNDS OF ANY OF THE FOLLOWING for 27.95 (The cart will include a shipping charge of 12.95.) That will be the actual cost.

You can pick any mixture of the above or just take ten pounds of any one group. Petrified Wood, Turtle Rock, Obsidian, Agates or Howlite.

They will ship in a medium flat rate box for 12.95 Let me know what size rocks you are interested in.

Turtle Rock.You are bidding on a 1 lb. rock, or for a bunch of smaller ones. You are bidding on a 1 lb. (or slightly less) specimen. $2.95 (The cart will however include a creditable shipping charge of 5.95)

You can ask for one large rock Turtle Rock or for a bunch of smaller ones! Turtle rock.The matrix is a sandstone or mudstone 3.5 to 4 hardness and polish better than one would expect.  The spots are more than likely a type of feldspar.  The lumps are 5.5 to 6 hardness.  The two different materials will polish differently as well.These “stone turtles” evolved from the northern shores of the Olympic Peninsula in WA state.

Even with polishing there is an inherent matte finish to these stones but covering them with a lacquer finish works quite nicely. Trying to tumble or using a grinding wheel will  wear away their intriguing “bumps and contours.” If slabbed for cabochons they certainly can be worked the normal way and make surprisingly nice jewelry. The matrix may upon occasion be naturally darker, even brown and the inclusions can sometimes be yellow instead of white. As they are one in a thousand I will not be selling any of those. “Turtle Rock” is Variolite.

 jasperblock 5lb 2300
This is a lovely 5 lb. Jasper block that is totally beautiful. No visible cracks that I can see. I have three others but they are 8 -10″ sizes and are not quite as showy as this one. Price is 19.95 and 12.95 shipping. 

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If you have multiple items you are bidding on please do not pay for anything until you are finished, then let me know your ready and I can send you a single invoice with a combined and credited shipping fee!  Should your purchases need larger box I will always work to get you the best PRIORITY shipping fee!

All rocks can be combined into flat rate boxes and so can multiple slabs. They cannot however be combined! (Rocks with Slabs) As the rock is heavy This individual sale will need to go into a small sized flat rate box. Combining it with other sales would be the better plan.


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