Top 10 Rarest Gemstones

Some of you may have an inkling about my being besotted by rocks and I am an avid rock collector and have made some lovely cabochons in my day. So I am happy to introduce you to this fine article on gemstones.

Alexandrite to Tanzanite found in Tanzania. Who would have guessed. Now the reference to the Czar I can understand but where did “Painite” come from?
 I am the King
Check out this link for some flicker rock humor

Benitoite found in San Benito County near my old stomping grounds in Santa Cruz, is the State Gem of California!
I must admit to having been drawn to the Red Beryl but like its location, I have to say “Wah, Wah” NO. Even if it is only $10,000 a carat.

melisandre_zps49d401beMelisandre,known politely as The Red Woman’ on Game of Thrones would love this gem. My own taste runs more towards the blue-purple Star Sapphire snubbed in this article.



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