In politics be Gneiss but don’t ‘mine or druzzi’ at losses

There will be mountains of explanations for the subduction of the Democratic Party in this 2014 midterm election and the rock slide of Republican winners. Alluvium debris won by an earthquake mile and proved that igneous is bliss when it comes to waiting for that next lahar to happen.


Rock puns could be taken for granite but the new Pot laws in Oregon may really get you stoned and make you even more malleable by the politicians.

Too much of this and you might even get petrified. Some of the terminology may also reflect to the coming budget cuts since the Republicans are clearly rocking on their amazing transition from sedimentary fossils to an igneous majority.

I know I should be gneiss to them, but I suggest that within the next two years they will be like a Geode just waiting for that inevitable eventual splitting. The book ‘Game Change’ shows that Sarah Palin was dumb as a rock, no matter the polishing during the McCain campaign. No amount of Grit will ever make me tumble her or check out her cleavage.

Mind you, even though my own hardness and mohs’ scale has dropped and fractured. I must marble that they managed to out boulder the media and outsmart the voter. Even kindergarteners were targeted. I call this salting of the sandbox. I try to remember my daughters, Grit, Obsidian and Chalcedony fondly (and allow for their growing jaded attitudes). You sometimes have to pyrite yourself to deal with them, but humite have helped them in life and I zinc that deep down they understand this.

I just hope that Progressives and Democrats will chalk it up to a lesson changer before 2016. Before the Schist had even settled (hangover time) both McConnell and Obama have promised to be gneiss to each other. Be it Little Rock Arkansas, Red Rock Illinois, or the Granite State we got royally tumbled and the midterm precipice never looked steeper.

For the moment Democrats are eating dirt. When humans eat soil for it’s mineral content, it’s called geophagy. Either they recrystallize soon or they need make way for something new.

Oregon remained blue agate country. Will the sedimentary voter turnout finally metamorphosed to something more interesting by 2016 or will they simply crumble into river sand esp. now that Pot has been legalized by the government. Cherts, there you go again says my daughter who has no interest or time for politics. She calls me Igneous and pumices that she might involve herself the next time. I talc that with a grain of salt and will simply sulfur through the next lava-like phone call.

I hope she watches out for the coppers while Homeland Security and the Border patrol become ever more unanswerable to the public. Knowing her speeding record I just hope her lead foot doesn’t topaz a police car. At least I rest assured that she would never drive umber the influence.

Dear reader, I reassure you that of quartz I will not become a couch porphyry and shale always pursue the progressive fight, rock hammer in hand, and hope that you read my Rockaholic page and become a commentator of mine. Be my magma and shag the comment page. Independents, Greens and Progressive need to cement together before the next election. Here is to the ‘Conglomerate Party.’

“If you want to have impact, donate for the crater good.” You might even buy a rock from me. So shameless am I.

We voted on party faults. Debris won by a landslide.  Our government remains worth fighting for even if cleavage impaired. I just pray that more people pick up the rock and hammer and make a progressive stance.  Why am I still hopeful? – because this country is diverse and it’s made up of alkynes of people.

Have a gneiss day – My original and more serious take was here.

(C) Herb Senft 2014


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