Rough Obsidian Slabs

Mahogany Obsidian Slabs

Some of this is off the market as I had a couple of buckets of Obsidian and Howlite stolen. Even provided them with nice carry outs with the handles. All my rocks outside my house were lost. Might as well put a link to the Howlite and its many uses.

Two slabs, 2 oz. These are remarkable in form and have had some polishing. Some sheen involved. $7.95, Shipping 4.05
These two slabs have interesting patterns and are worth the $7.95. Shipping will be with the small flat rate box at 5.95 – or combine with other purchases.

All the following Obsidian slabs have a fixed shipping price attached to them, but if you buy ANY combination of my rocks I will combine the shipping costs and credit you the difference. Rocks can be combined with other rocks and the same for slabs, but for breakage concerns they cannot be mixed.  Thank you for looking!

 mooddsandends 8oz300
  Odds and ends, 8 oz. $4.00, USPS 13 oz Mail  4.10
mo2thick slabs 11 oz300
Two Thick slabs of Mahogany Obsidian. 11 oz Will have to ship small flat rate box mail. 5.95. Price for the two is 6.95.  
I took a picture of three other Mahogany obsidian slabs. Unfortunately they weighed a pound, so I deleted the one on the left. The two to the right will be shipped with small flat rate mail. at 5.95. the price for the two is 6.95  

Black Obsidian

These two rough slabs weigh some 8 oz. and can be shipped for 4.10. Price is 3.95.   Good for knapping.
These two pieces are slightly heavier weighing 13 oz. and so would have to be shipped with a small flat rate box at 5.95 Price is 4.25.  SOLD
This is a One inch thick square piece of obsidian it has cuts on all four sides.  It is 1.5 in weight so would have to be shipped Parcel Service Select which would be in the 7-8.00 range. As with all of these they can be combined into flat rate boxes and all shipping charges would be edited and credited. Price is 10.95 and the estimate shipping is 7.00. (SOLD)

Large Snowflake Obsidian fragments.


I had been fortunate enough to have one exceptional piece of Snowflake Obsidian. I sold all five slabs for 9.95 ea. They were going to be used as knife scales. I found a few pieces laying around  and offer this 13.0z. group for 6.95 Shipping would be small flat rate box.


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  1. Important EDIT: I posted this as it may help other rock shipment questions. However it can also be PRIVATE. If so headline the comment as such and I will simply respond to you without posting. All this goes through WordPress, so I do not have your email address and I certainly do not want to post my own.

    This is not my field of expertize. Please explain what exactly you would be looking for. Type and size! One Large rock to fit the box, or say four four x five inch rocks in a medium flat rate box. (8 by 10.5 inches) x The Large flat rate box could hold four (nearly) six by six inch rocks as it is 12″ square. Both would have a limitation on the height … say five inches. Let me know about the size you are looking for. This weekend I will be part of the local rock show and there will be two exceptional knappers there. I can
    ask them about selection as well. Can you wait until next week?

  2. not only did i quickly recieve what i ordered but i got more than i paid for 😀 ive seldom been so satisfied by an online purchase. and the resources provided on this site are what ive been looking for for quite some time so i can begin my own journey to find some stones of my own 😀

    • Thank you Jacob,
      I look forward to a posting of your creative use of those rocks. I hope to upgrade the site shortly.
      Please send a picture of the black mirror! Hope you have a back up plan for Valentines Day. 🙂

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