Wood stands for rocks

For jewelry or as individual rocks, this is but a beginning attempt to alternative display possibilities. Sizes, prices and measurements will follow. Checkout prices include shipping!

agateon stand

I happen to have a huge collection of select woods that could be used to display rocks as shown in the first picture. Walnut, burl slaps, redwood, pear, quilted maple, spalted alder, cherry and teak to name a few.

quilted maple300

This is a good example of tortoiseshell maple. Sanding is very difficult to do as the different parts of the wood sand differently. The second picture is nearly finished and it is a lid to a jewelry box. The unfinished is one of five pieces I have available. The price would be 95.00.

This is a nice burl of Western Maple or possibly Cedar. It is fairly thin. .
This is a finished piece of Butternut. This is my only piece of it.

This is an unfinished piece of Laburnum. The waxy look on it is precisely that. It was a paraffin based paint that was used to keep it from splitting. That said, this is the only piece that did not split. Nice thickness.

This is a thick waxed slab of a local nut tree. It is nearly an inch thick and none of these have cracked. All my wood is barn dried and some ten years old..
This is a nice thick burl partially finished on one side.
I tilted this burl to photoraph it, Obviously the spikes face upward. Originally they held three ugly plastic chrysanthemum flowers, which I plucked off. This photograph is dry, but if the piece were oiled and polished it would shine. I see it as being a beautiful mount for a special rock or whatever. Just don’t put on plastic flowers! Price is 5.95 and shipping by standard post (if available) 8.95 or 12.95 foe a medium flat rate box.
Weight is about 1.75 lbs.

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